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Keeping Kids
Safe Online
Since 2003

KidsSafeOnThe.Net (MiudosSegurosNa.Net in Portuguese) is Portugal's first and widest reach Internet safety project. Founded by Tito de Morais, we've been helping Portuguese speaking families, schools and communities since 2003.
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Who We Serve

We help Portuguese speaking families promote the online safety of their kids, tweens and teens.
We serve Portuguese public and private schools, from kindergarden to colleges and universities, including basic/elementary schools, middle and high schools, to promote their students Internet safety.
We help communities through national NGOs, local civic and professional associations, spaces that provide access to the Internet, municipalities and their child protection agencies, public, private and cooperative organizations.

How we Work

By working with us, families, schools and communities get help in promoting the ethical, responsible and safe use of information and communication technologies by kids, tweens, teens, young adults, adults and senior citizens.

What we Offer

We offer products, services and programs to help families, schools and communities promote the online safety mainly of kids, tweens and teens, but also young adults, adults and senior citizens.

Comment & Advice

Comment & advice from Tito de Morais, our founder, given at TV shows, newscasts and reports.

Internet Safety

We provide free access to over 300 hundreds articles on Internet safety.
Reports & Guides

Reports & Guides

These address specific issues & solutions with step by step instructions.

About Us

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KidsSafeOnThe.Net (MiudosSegurosNa.Net in Portuguese) is Portugal's first and widest reach Internet safety project. We can help you leverage your Internet safety resources by localizing, managing and promoting them to Portuguese speaking audiences.
  • As founder and head of MiudosSegurosNa.Net, Tito de Morais pioneered the youth online safety field in Portugal.In what seems to me the soundest of strategies, he stays in close touch with and connects the research, industry, law enforcement, education, and policymaking communities in developing consensus toward best child protection policy and practices. In late 2007, I had the pleasure of speaking at a meeting in Lisbon where Tito had gathered all these interests, and each perspective was provided in a very successful meeting. His knowledge of youth Net safety certainly isn't limited to Portugal, however. He stays in close touch with colleagues and developments internationally.

    Anne Collier
    Founder/Co-Creator, iCanHelpline.org
  • I highly recommend Tito as someone that is passionate and dedicated to the cause of educating both parents and children about Internet safety and security.

    He also is very generous in sharing his intelligence and is always quick to reach into the community and offer support when needed. I have had the honor to work with him on a Community Outreach Network and found his advice and resources to be priceless and most of all, he truly cares about his work. I look forward to continually working with him on more projects and learning from him.

    Sue Scheff
    President, Parents' Universal Resource Experts, Inc.
  • Tito shares our priority of educating youth and families about safe and healthy internet use.

    He is creative works proactively for opportunities to help families and educators learn about cyber safety, security and ethics.

    I give Tito my highest recommendations.

    Marsali Hancock
    Chief Digital Officer, DQ Institute